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Vizerra technology attracts to the museums a whole new generation who are living in the world of digital technologies our kids are cyber kids, you know, - and presenting a museum in that way you give them the urge to visit it. It is also a perfect tool for them to learn about the world culture.

Vizerra is a real treasure vault.

You can create digital libraries of any size and present museum exhibits and unique artifacts in a brand new way.

Digital copies creation goes without damage and markers. Thanks to our partners and their latest developments in 3D scanning there is no need to dismantle exhibits or to spend money on transportation.

The main value of Vizerra technologies lies in the integrated approach to making the digital copies of museum collections. We reconstruct interiors exactly matching the placement of the exhibits, light conditions etc. Paintings and sculptures are scanned with the utmost care and without physical contact.

Vizerra displays objects allowing almost the same level of perception as in real life and creates the maximum participation effect.

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