Artist: Jahcoozi
Single Title: Barefoot Dub (Taken from the album "Barefoot Wanderer" by Jahcoozi (BPC215))
Release Date Single (physical/digital): 19.04.2010 (BPC214) 21.06.2010 (BPC219)
Album Title: Barefoot Wanderer
Release Date Album (physical /digital): 19.04.2010
Composer, Producer and Performer: Sasha Perera, Robert Koch, Oren Gerlitz
Nationality: English, German, Israeli
Length: 03:22
Genre: Dub, Grime, Electronic
Label & Labelcode: BPitch Control (LC: 11753)
Catalog Number: BPC215
EAN: 880319466311 (BPC214)
880319459122 (BPC215 CD)
880319475115 (BPC219)
ISRC: DEAE61010212
Director: directed by Morgan Belenguer, edited by Florian Graßl

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