Josh Niehaus in the studio playing a Blueberry guitar, recording St. Louis Revival. For more on the song visit

I don’t know what I’m supposed to make of childhood dreams
But I sure know how to lose them
Is it time to let them go? I don’t know where time goes, 24 years ago I was a baby
Filled with possibility
Dreaming up reality
I don’t really know what’s changed since then but my dreams all fade away

Oh give me one more chance
And I’l try to let them go

Oh guiding time as you lay me down to bed
Fill me with pleasant visions dancing in my head
But please take my dreams when I awake
For lack of opportunity with to partake
I’d rather live in a world that confines than to watch my dreams vanish before my very eyes
Oh, give me a better use of time than to mourn over the child no longer inside

And I’d take solace in a future robbed of me,
Revise my history and retain my vanity

Don’t tell me how to write my song
Don’t tell me which notes sound wrong
Don’t tell me the name of the key I’m playing in cause I don’t need to know those things

Don’t tell me when love grows old
The feelings can burn down real low
Cause as soon as I’m told my mind forgets that life is so much more than experience

Dream of what will be
In colors that you’ve never seen
And each dream that passes oh I must chase after
So I bury you in my cemetery of thoughts

Safe from time for the future in my mind
Every time I pick up a guitar to see what I’ll find
That’s where I dig, dry bones shriveled up from the passage of time
But not gone, just not here anymore

I don’t know...

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