I have had issues with coming out with this video until I read the May 20th 2010 copy of The Asheville Tribune newspaper.

Members of the Asheville Tea Party have worked & gave funding to the ATP only to have Mrs.Erika Franzi give an outright eulogizes of failed candidate Mr. Eichenbaum & dismisses Jeff Miller.

Mr.Eichenbaum & other candiates were asked if they would support the winner should they lose in the primary which Mr.Eichenbaum stated he would. (have video of this)

Now we have our Tea Party Director saying "we will rate the candidates" this was not said at any event asking for funding but what was said that the ATP would work hard in removing Mr.Shuler from office.

Some might say they were mislead by the director but I along with other Tea Party members are wanting to see the end result which is removing Shuler from office.

Members want their money used in a fashion that would result in gettting Mr.Shuler out of office.

Dr.Dan says on video that he will support the winner in the primary (will release this at a later date) however its very clear that he does not.

Hey Dan - many people are watching your actions & in this case your non-action....

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