A story about a Dog, an Old Lady and some... Donuts.

Dog's Day Afternoon was created during my first year studying for my MA in Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School. The projects aim was to create a story in which two characters, each with unique personalities, meet and embrace in a hug which reveals some of their character.

Director Avgousta Zourelidi
Writer Joe Mattei
Editor Marianne Kuopanportti
Lighting Fredericka Lathbridge
Sound Designer Luis Fernández García
DPP/Online Editing Manuel Pérez Galindo
Voices:Old Lady- Lisa Diveney, Dog- Scott Handy

2008/UK/2' 32''/16:9FHA/Colour/Stereo/Stop Motion

Festivals screenings:
Rushes Soho Short Festival
Eksjo Animation Festival

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