Tunisians. Get Informed.
"SAYEB SALEH" Citizen action for a free internet
-see the blog manif22mai.wordpress.com
-see Message from Neo to Ammar 404 vimeo.com/11890804
-see "Organize a Demonstration in Tunisia" vimeo.com/slim
-Wikipedia article for Ammar (soon)

VO Tunisian/Arabic: vimeo.com/11985362

In this first episode, Slim Amamou and Yassine Ayari try to organize a pacific march to stop internet censorship in Tunisia. After trying in every possible way to stall them, the authorities arrested them and made them call off the demonstration. What they didn't know is that, where there's a will, there's a way.

Poster by : -z- debatunisie.canalblog.com/
Music credit: Bendir man myspace.com/bendirman

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