The 123-GO sling/backpack family is part of KATA's DPS collection.
These are the entry level basic version of our more illustrious and feature rich 3N1 family.

The 123-GO features three carrying configurations: Right sling, left sling and backpack.
The sling configuration will also suit left-handed photographers. When presented with a shot, just swing it forward rapidly to the Quickdraw position and grasp your main shooting camera. The 123-GO is available in three sizes

The 123-GO-10 holds a standard DSLR camera, lens and flash unit.
The 123-GO-20 is wide enough to accommodate a camera with attached grip, a 70 200 mm zoom lens and an additional lens and flash unit.
The 123-GO-30 will hold a camera with an attached grip and a 70 200 mm lens.

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