This is the first iteration of my final project for my degree. A prototype for a spatial operating system using gesture recognition (both 3D and 2D gestures) on a mobile phone. This lets the user interact with the display purely through their motions. To illustrate the potential of this system, the user defines a 3D shape through their actions. Then by changing the mode of the controller, they can then navigate around and through the space, looking deeper into their creation.

Future developments over the next few weeks will increase the number of gestures supported (as more options are put into the visual interface) and a second demo which highlights the potential of this platform for object selection.

More details will be available soon at

Gesture will be on display at UCSB as part of the MAT End of Year show on Wed 26th May as part of 'Something you don't know'.

Music : Ribbons - Four Tet (taken from the 2010 'Ringer' EP)

Thanks also to Annalisa Zaccardelli for staring!

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