*CHARLES KRAFFT is considered a pioneer of the "low brow" or Pop Surrealism movement. This is an alternative visual arts universe with roots in California custom car culture, surfing culture and '60s era underground comix. It*s a streetwise aesthetic that has been evolving and spreading out across the globe while remaining still overlooked by most mainstream art critics, museum curators and historians. He is the inventor of DISASTERWARE* ( blue and white commemorative ceramics informed by violence, politics, and natural catastrophies) and SPONE* (custom human bone china reliquaries made from crematory ash). Krafft is self-taught. His shrewd art and informal lifestyle evolved out of long friendships with the reclusive painter of startled birds, Morris Graves (l910-2001) and the crackerjack Hollywood hot rod hero, Von Dutch (l926-l992). He can get down with any militantly aesthetic easel painter, multi-media maestro or wooly potter, but when it comes to the mechanics of art making Krafft prefers the company of criminals, undertakers and blue haired grannies.

Producer - Patricia O'Brien
Director of Photography - Gabriel Miller
Editor - Patricia O'Brien
What About Charlie...? footage - Joe McCarthy

Excerpt from the Seattle Channel show "Verve"

Senior Producer - Lisa Devlin
Supervising Producer - Beth Hestor
Executive Producer - Gary Gibson

Includes an excerpt from "What About Charlie...?," the only film made about Fishtown - by Joe McCarthy 1968. mccarthycommunication.com

to find our more about Charles Krafft visit: antiquesatoz.com/artatoz/k...

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