I made this film many years ago but today 14.09.2014 I was reminded of yesterday. Eight years ago from today, I found myself here on this untouched land. I had never set foot in the countryside before. My friend who had just turned 16 tragically passed away earlier that day in his sleep, his whole life ahead of him lost forever. A year later by extraordinary fate I found myself the new guardian of this land and so the journey had begun.

Together with my family, friends and local people we created this place, breathing life into it. I feel my friend’s presence whenever I’m here. I’m not alone, everything is alive here and nature becomes my family. This is a glimpse of ‘Our Orchard’ to share with you. Dedicated to all our lost loved ones. Music – A R Rahman Connections, Himalaya. Many thanks to Paul Hamilton & Christine Schmitthenner for their priceless feedback.

vimeo.com/12109037 5x5 behind the scenes of 'our orchard' just added, see the tractor dolly.


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