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added boracay, philipines july 2012.

here is what ive always believed should define a wedding film.

its very simple actually.

the couple, their families+firends, and what they go thru and feel during this once in a lifetime day.

and while i was blessed to have shot this film within a magical city in mexico, i feel it is important to perhaps touch on the location and all the little events that go on during the day; but to not get too carried away.

to me, the focus and pull of the film should always be driven and to travel alongside the journey with the bride and groom.


all this time // one republic used with permission. thank you

- shot with 2 Canon 7ds + 1 Canon 5DmkII (3 cameras in total).
- 24p for the 7ds, 30p on the 5d converted progressively to 24p using a 1:1 frame re-map that allows the conversion to be 100% CLEAN with no articulating slows it down to look as though the footage was shot @ 36p.

- lenses mainly used were zeiss zf 35, zeiss zf 50 1.4 (now replaced with zeiss zf 20 makro), zeiss makro 100 zf, a few canon 70-200 2.8 IS, while the ultra sharp main ceremony camera was canon 2.8 L prime (awesome lens).

i have been already getting emails re zeiss glass, and i would say that for HDSLR cinema, they are the best bang for the buck and provide the best value/dollar. if you're unsure try an entry level zeiss 35 f2.0 and compare to its canon + nikon counterparts, and then you decide. every cinematographer i have talked to in the past 9 months have did this exact thing, and kept the ziess :) .

Keep in mind that the zeiss ze zf and zf.2 houses the EXACT same optics as the zeiss compact primes that go for $4000 per lens.

- photosession + reception stabilization provided via cinevate atlas 30 + steadicam pilot + 5dmkII + 24 1.4 (now replaced with zeiss zf 21) while ceremony steadicam pilot setup was 5dmkII + 16-35 (now replaced via canon 14L rectilinear).

the ceremony was VERY VERY windy as it was near the beach

- other stabilzation used was cinevate atlas30 + manfrotto 561 monopods.

-audio is all double system, the 25$ fuzzies on the lavalier mics went a long way to save the sound from being unusable from all the wind noise.

GOOFS - i went against the rules that i teach and swear by, hence there is a cameo of me in this piece (i didnt want to waste the shot)... let me know if you can point it out!

oh one last thing...

after all these years, i finally FINALLY got the epic crane processional shot that ive always dreamt of when i first picked up a camera and shot my first wedding.

enjoy, and dont forget that it's ok to cry a little when watching this piece.


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looking forward to meeting many of you in the near future as I will be speaking @:

infocus // charleston; south carolina USA // jan 2012
*thank you to my friends, colleagues + students alike for the wonderful reception given to me*

exposed down under // sydney; australia // early july 2012
myw returns to Australia for the first time in 2 years.

mayad academy // boracay; philipines // late july 2012
myw is honoured to share the stage alongside some of Philippines top event/broadcast talent.

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