Up in the Air

What's next? Perhaps we need to go beyond the discovery aspects of design research and now focus on ways to go beyond, to figure out ways of executing and delivering real business success. Instead of declaring that Design Research has won or that there's widespread acceptance, we might want to pause a bit for some reflection on how to take the critical next steps toward implementation and execution. And here's a hint--it isn't easy.

What have been effective methods and tools from within a corporate environment? What are some of the challenges you might face within an engineering-centered organization? Where is the scarcity and what skill sets provide utility? Doug Look will reflect on insights gathered over the past five years in his journey from an academic setting at the Institute of Design to an engineered-centered corporate culture.

Doug Look, Senior Strategic Designer, leads Autodesk‚ workflow & interoperability strategies, looking for ways to help customers achieve larger innovations from the alignment and integration of Autodesk‚ diverse portfolio. Doug also spent two years working with Autodesk Labs exploring new approaches to design technology, including software-as-a-service, multi-touch interfaces, and remote collaboration solutions. Prior to joining Autodesk, Doug received his Master of Design Methods from the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology and also worked for Doblin, Inc. He holds architectural degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Cornell University, and practiced as a licensed professional architect for over twenty years.

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