So it's like this... there is this local organization called ARTS. They help underprivileged children, and kids who are suffering from serious illness, and teach them how to deal with their problems through art. Pretty cool huh?

Well, they had their 4th Annual ARTSea Café (Gala) last month, and we decided to crash it for a mission. With the secret help of a couple inside people, we put together a spontaneous musical at the event. We tapped into the DJs soundboard with our wireless mics, and had OUR film crew there posing as the event's videographers. A couple Agents snuck into the kitchen to give the other servers a hand and blend in. The goal? Confuse everybody a bit, give them a fun show -- and hopefully raise some money for the children.

In the four weeks leading up to the event, our Agents met several times for writing lyrics, rehearsing, and getting everybody ready for the big show. The lyrics were written by Chrissy Burns initially, then modified by our performers and other contributors to fit each role. The music was then composed by Stretch (Cali) and Matt Volk (Florida).

Our final rehearsal was an hour before the show, in a vacant parking lot just up the street from the venue. One by one, we slipped in, unnoticed by any of the guests. Started filming, tapped into the sound board, and dropped our track.

The mission went off better then planned, despite some audio issues. We raised some money for the kids, did our show, and got back to work clearing tables, and serving drinks, as if nothing had happened.

Thank you to all the Agents that participated (over 25 people) and put in so much time and energy to this mission. This mission by far, took the most planning and organizing of anything we have done to date.

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