Description: Have you ever been so passionate about doing something that you would be willing to endure any kind of humiliation, degradation or embarrassing situation to do it? Would you be willing to give everything you got, even though getting just a little back would be a euphoric win? Would you be willing to open yourself up in the most vulnerable ways in the face of the world’s most enormous egos whose sole purpose, your certain, is to make you feel bad? Would it be worth it? If you want to be an actor, the answer is most assuredly yes, as we find out from our two protagonists. Antony and Carmen are extras on the set of a film starring - “what's her name”. In the absence of having nothing to do but wait, they have a contest to see who has had the worst audition ever. As they explore the past, each audition experience gets sadder and funnier than the one before to the point that they begin to ask themselves if it’s all worth it, and should friends let friends make bad movies. Based on real experience of real people, It’s Waiting or Gadot, meets the Extra’s TV show, meets Film School Confidential from an actor’s perspective.

This project was screened at the 11th Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco on June 6th, 2010 at the Victoria Theatre.

Scary Cow is a collective of filmmakers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ranging in experience level from beginner to expert, our filmmakers try and learn from their mistakes to make increasingly better films. Every four months we screen the films we've made in local theatres and vote for which teams should receive funding for their next films. Since 2007 we have made over 120 films and distributed over $120,000 in budget. Learn more about us at

Awards: Scary Cow Members' Award
Genre: Comedy
Type: Short
Rating: Teen or Older
Length: 10 minutes
Screening Date:6/6/10

Cast & Crew:

Actor --- Tony Sommers
Actor --- Sara James
Actor --- Dmitri Krupnov
Actor --- Rebecca Cole
Actor --- Minks Madaan
Actor --- Kate Chang
Actor --- Vicky Wang
Assistant Camera Operator --- A.Z. Ocoza
Assistant Director --- Alisha McCutcheon
Associate Producer --- Brenda Bryant
Associate Producer --- Rodrigo Palacios
Co-Director --- Sabrina L. Nelson
Co-Director --- Sara James
Producer --- Sabrina L. Nelson
Producer --- Sara James
Director of Photography --- Samir Sinha
Director of Photography --- Sergey Berezin
Gaffer --- Michael Edwards
Sound --- Scott Wells
Editor --- Sergey Berezin
Storyboards --- Mark Nobriga
Happy Heffer Graphics --- Mark Nobriga

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