This is my Photography A-level Final Piece for Year 12, a study into how water changes from a solid state back into liquid.

The whole production had to be completed within a 12 hour exam setting.
This consisted of the pre-production of actually freezing and dying the water with food colouring and getting props and equipment ready taking the 2 hours, with two full 5 hour days left, 1 for taking the photographs and the other for editing and putting it all together.

Before any of this took place I'd researched and experimented with different ways to firstly colour the water, (e.g. the blue ice cone was coloured using about 4/5 bottles of Blue Powerade to get the right tone!) and then I looked into where would be the most expressive places to show the ice melting (such as the green cone which melts into salt and is absorbed).

It was because of this extensive pre-planning etc. I was able to manage the time correctly and get everything I wanted to do finished and to the standard I wanted in time, boo yah!

I've since then tweaked and re-edited the titles etc. and made my own music to accommodate the animation.

The music I originally used was "Cold as Ice" by Foreigner which worked brilliantly but as always due to copyright I've created new music which you can hear now.

I still like and sometimes prefer the video with Foreigner's music but i'm really pleased with the new version too and I hope you will be too :)

Video- (13/5/2008)

Music - (24-26/5/2010)

Re-edited Together - (26/5/2010)

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