Moscow in May, 2010. A rough-cut scene from the upcoming journalism documentary film "Breaking The News."

Robb Montgomery spent a week in Moscow filming scenes and making interviews for "Breaking The News."

Montgomery is directing the feature-length film documentary that covers an historic five-year period in newspaper history. An era of unprecedented change in both scale and speed. A story bears witness to the contraction of old media empires and, at the the same time, the emergence of the new models of newspapers that appeal to a new generation of networked media consumers.

Montgomery recently previewed interview segments from the ongoing documentary, "Breaking the News", to a room of almost 100 industry leaders in Toronto. 

The movie showcases Montgomery's global-trekking journey to find out what is happening to journalism as it gets swept up by a digital wave.

His presentation centred around the theme of evolution and how newspapers have to start making revolutionary changes to survive in the natural selection the marketplace imposes on the industry.

"Evolution by its nature is a very cruel force even though it sounds gentle and slow," he said. "It's an extremely cruel and unforgiving environment to be in and we're in that."

The five showcased clips showed how different media makers around the world are dealing with the pressures of providing quality content on multiple platforms.

May 20-25, 2010

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