"The Elephant and Castle regeneration programme was incrementally postponed and amended due to financial and organisational problems. Whilst the local residents awaited plans for improvement in the infrastructure The Elephant was left to rot. The Shopping Centre suffered a severe fire causing vast destruction, incapacitating it from commercial inhabitation. The regeneration of the site was no longer desirable for commercial redevelopment, but became prime real estate for the expansion of a Pentecostal denomination.

The Shopping Centre has been transformed via a series of evangelical events, using fire as a construction strategy a new religious entity has grown from within The Elephant; The Ministry of Fire."

The Pentecostal Ministry of Fire is a short animation made during my masters in architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Constructed predominantly in 3dsMax and rendered with Vray, I used FumeFX for all simulated fire and smoke sequences. The character was green screened into the environments and composited using After Effects. For more information please visit thoughtsnotthoughts.blogspot.com

Music: Jonathan Gales

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