MAMORU works at an office in Tokyo. He is lonely, and never finds a reason to reach outside of himself to others. One night after work, he is punched by an intoxicated co-worker. "You make me sick!" Mamoru's coworker yells. Ashamed and embarrassed, Mamoru quits his job and retreats to his apartment, angry at the world. His only attachment left is his beloved bicycle.

Shortly after, Mamoru mysteriously finds that someone is stealing his bicycle -- bit by bit. Angrily, he leaves a note to take the whole thing, only to receive a response note, marked from "God." Mamoru is perplexed. A few days later, he receives a note with a list of addresses detailing the locations of his missing bike parts. Sheepishly, Mamoru embarks on a journey to retrieve his bicycle parts, only to discover that what he finds is not just a bicycle, but himself.

"Jitensha" is an award-winning film that has been screened at Venice, Heartland, Sapporo, and other prestigious international film festivals. It has won 13 awards to date, including “Best in Fest” (BEA Media Arts), the “Vision Award for Best Short Film” (Heartland), and “Best Actor/Cine-matography/Original Score/Grand Prix for Best Picture” (Sapporo).

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