P.S. I recommend listening with headphones on.

So, hi, Vimeo. I think you've changed a lot since I last posted a video here almost 3 years ago. Wow. I know I've changed. So, hello, again.

This, sadly, is not the most interesting video you've ever watched. In fact, it may be one of the most boring. However, I have been working on this song for over a year, and, tonight, I finally got it to a place that I feel good about and I want my family to be able to hear it. This is the easiest way, believe it or not.

Over a year ago, I transcribed this song (which, to clarify, is "So Close" from the Disney motion picture "Enchanted". I own no rights to this song whatsoever.) into Sibelius, then transposed it to make it more comfortable for my voice, played it a million times, sang it twice as many, recorded the piano on my laptop at least 50 times, finally had a version I was satisfied with, then sang it into my slowly-dying USB microphone so many times that I can't believe I can still listen to it without just wanting to break things, and then, tonight, I was sitting around, thinking about heading off to bed early, and I thought, "Hey, there's no one else here. Why not just give it another go?" So, I did. And, lo-and-behold, I'm actually satisfied with the result. Go figure.

The image you see is a photograph I took of Corvallis while on a hike to McCulloch Peak. I just needed an image so that I could export the music file as a video, and I figured this one would be pretty easy to stare at for 3-and-a-half minutes. Sorry if it bores you. I can only do so much.

In the end, I am uploading this so that my parents can hear it, because I started recording myself singing for them exclusively, but I no longer live with them and it is hard to get files to them (they are slightly computer-illiterate) if I have to do something more complicated than e-mail a link. So, to those of you who have stumbled upon this accidentally, I hope you enjoy it, or, at least, don't hate it. It's not meant to be professional in any way, I'm not hoping to be discovered, I just want to share something that I put a lot of sweat and love into with those who have taught me everything I know and more. Thank you.

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