This is a wee live recording of the sort of Visual AIDS I've been pumping out on Thursday nights up at The Art School for Mixed Bizness.


// Audio is my Purple Brain Juice Mixtape
// Recorded live in Resolume Avenue
// Shouts to Point to C, Ian Guy and Chris Casey for some of the triangles and lines.

Visual AIDS was the bastard love child of two idiots, photographer Matthew Sillars and Steve Livingston fae Errors. They liked to make flashing gifs in MS Paint of cocks, hats and rude words. Once or twice they managed to get this crap onto a big screen in a club.

A few years down the line, Solar Island DJ and graphic designer Shaun Murphy stepped into the equation and with Sillars started getting some gigs lined up. They drew cardboard box robots and bedsheet ghosts for Subcity's first Halloween ball, they then drew a half-cut Jackie Bird and some bucky bottles for a hogmanay party in Islington's The King's Head.

There were a few more bits of nonsense then the dreaded CREDIT CRUNCH hit. Sillars ran away to Australia to avoid it, Murphy was made redundant from his mind numbing day-job. He has been pissing his redundancy money up the wall on bikes, records and crap ever since, whilst taking on VJing full time.

With a DJ now at the helm, Visual AIDS is now bpm synced and in tune with the music. Knowing most of the tunes inside out and having the instinct of the DJ, Murphy is never behind on the drops, switches things up with the Dj and saves the big animations for the right moments. It all adds up to the full sensory experience that clubbing should strive for.

Although technically and musically they have progressed since the days of MS Paint gifs, what still sets Visual AIDS apart from the usual club visual experience is the straight-up childishness of their humour. The schoolboy's desire to draw a cock and balls on his homework diary, the ridiculousness of making someone homosexual by simply subjecting them to a statement on a screen... The Visual AIDS manifesto has always been about bringing humour to places where it is lacking, including the dance-floor.

Current residencies: Mixed Bizness/ HYP?, Subcity Radio, Thunder Disco Club, The Stupid Idiots, Smash n Grab,

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