DARE, Disabled Anarchist Revolutionary Enclave, a fictional group of disabled terrorists
opposed to the new eugenics movement, through genetic engineering, genetic therapy, abortion of all disabled babies...in other words, Genetic Cleansing.

DARE was originally created for the theatre in 1997, from an idea by Nabil Shaban, who was already a disabled activist with DAN, the Direct Action Network, who were protesting at the lack of accessible public transport for disabled people. Their protests and acts of civil disobedience worked. Britain now has wheelchair accessible buses, trains and taxis.

An English comic strip hero in the 1950s and 1960s was called DAN DARE. It seemed only logical to Nabil Shaban that a more militant violent offshoot of DAN, would be called DARE.

When asked by Robert Rae, artisitic director of Theatre Workshop at the time, for an idea for a play, Nabil suggested DARE, the Disabled Anarchist Revolutionary Enclave. When Rae asked Shaban what would the most threatening issue for disabled people be in the near future, which DARE would be fighting, Shaban said opposition to Genetic Cleansing, a eugenics movement with the Nazi agenda of removing disabled people from the face of the earth.

Three disabled actors (Jim McSharry, John Hollywood, Daryl Beeton) plus Nabil Shaban got together with Robert Rae, the director to write and devise the theatre play DARE. The show ran for five years.

These videos have been made to remind people that although DARE the show has ended, the threat to disabled people's right to exist has not gone away but is getting more ominous everyday as doctors, scientists, parents, insurance companies and governments intensify their agenda for Genetic Cleansing.

This film contains fictitious video goodbyes from the various characters featured in DARE Acastus, played by Jim McSharry, Heracles, played by John Hollywood, Argos, played by Nabil Shaban, Hylas, played by Garry Robson, and new recruit, Elektra, played by Robyn Hunt.

The ACASTUS Video Goodbye was written by Jim McSharry.

The HERACLES Video Goodbye was written by John Hollywood.

The ARGOS Video Goodbye was written by Nabil Shaban.

The HYLAS Video Goodbye was written by Darryl Beeton.

The ELEKTRA Video Goodbye was written by Robyn Hunt.

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