Promotional Scene from the upcoming feature "WHAT TIGERS DO," written & directed by Richmond Riedel, who wrote and directed the award-winning indie thriller "TARGET PRACTICE" (coming Summer 2010 from Big Screen Entertainment and Warner Elektra).

"WHAT TIGERS DO" is an intense, brutal drama that plays like a thriller about a child custody battle, with an ever-mounting sense of impending doom, building towards the moment when a divorced father shows up on the doorstep of his bitter ex-wife to pick up their 2 sons, armed with nothing more than a court order. Think "Kramer vs Kramer" meets "Gunfight at the OK Corral." Inspired by actual events.

"Being a parent doesn't always bring out the best in people."

Starring Joey Lanai, Michelle Tomlinson, Bill Elverman, Brenda Hattingh, and Thom Mulligan

Produced by Richmond Riedel & Rian Bishop

Written, Directed, Edited by Richmond Riedel

Director of Photography Patrick Meade Jones

Sound Mixer Evan Freeman

Make-up Christy Maurer, Rick Baker

Special Thanks Tim Cavanaugh, Dana Brewer

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