'The Porcelain Crab'
(Natural History Episode 20)

The porcelain crab's common name is derived from its propensity to drop claws like a fragile tea cup breaking. When attacked, the would-be predator is usually left with nothing more than a few amputated (and still-twitching) limbs. In a few days the porcelain crab will undergo an 'emergency molt' of its exoskeleton and begin regenerating its lost appendages.

Video, Aquarium + Original Soundtrack: Coral Morphologic

See bit.ly/bQR9vu for more details.

Screened at ATP Curated by Animal Collective | May 13-15, 2011 - Minehead, UK
Screened at Miami Underwater Festival | May 27-28, 2011 - Miami, FL

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