I used to be oblivious to the amount of plastic in my life. In a bit of a convenient consumption coma you might say. Then one day, I had an epiphany and decided to give up plastics. I no longer wanted to be a part of the problem...every piece of plastic ever created still exists on this planet, and will for thousands of years. I am living plastic-free now, but feel like in the video, that a constant source is pointed at me and spewing the offending substance in my direction. Whilst tiresome, it is necessary for me to just keep on refusing every item. Otherwise, I would get buried in the stuff. To cease the endless flow, we need more people to rethink disposable plastics, and refuse.

For more information, please visit my blog Plastic Manners (plasticmanners.wordpress.com/), and join the Plastic Pollution Coalition (plasticpollutioncoalition.org/).

Production by Thomas Hentrich of Moments in RGB (momentsinrgb.com/)

PS- Spot the plastic rubber ducky

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