The second installation of “Ramadan 29” project.

Following the success of Ramadan 29 daily video documentation project, by Karim Shaaban, which ran through 29 episodes during Last Ramadan (2009 - 1430).

This Ramdan (2010 – 1431) Ramadan 29 comes back, with more diversity, a new outlook and a new socio-perspective, taking an in-depth look at the social scene in Egypt during this holy month.

Ramadan is a unique month in any Islamic community, and in Egypt, Ramadan has it's own cultural charm and inimitable social behaviors, Ramadan 29 is an attempt to capture this spirit and document it in video time.

Last year, “Ramdan 29” was broadcasted through Facebook, instead this year, the second season of “Ramdan 29” will broadcast through, because it is more suitable for the creative spirit of the "Ramadan 29" video documentation project.

Ramadan 29 is edited , directed & produced by: Karim Shaaban

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