giving life to poster exhibition *come into our room* at upper galleria polymer. c i o r was born on may 27th at 6.30pm.

it took us 24hrs sharp, without a break. a charming baby.

* * *
archived: ats parve. *come into our room*

*come into our room* reconstructs lost city walls and gives posters the power to reactivate the mechanisms of impact. the opportunity for that is offered to the posters of exhibitions, performances and parties from the past three years.
"poster is here. poster is the most striking and influential art forms of the city space. the poster operates in the present and future and leaves the past to others. the poster is new and addresses you in your own language. it lays out its card right there and then. the poster wants you to, now.
the poster is the most defenseless and quickly vanishing art form in the city space. it just as easily is taken off the wall as it is put on it. its life strength is covered in dust fast in the city air. the poster is very gentle. the poster is meant to fade.
*come into our room* is a homage to the anonymous poster artist. the streets are the gallery and the gallery is the streets. come into our room."

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