The Mau Forest is the largest and most critical watershed in Eastern Africa.

It feeds the headwaters of Kenya's twelve major rivers, and serves as a lifeline for at least one-third of Kenya's population, as well as wildlife populating the most vital tourism destination in the nation, the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Recently, the Mau Forest has taken center stage in Kenya's politics, as the government implements a plan to displace approximately thirty thousand families in order to halt degradation of an estimated 1.7% of forest cover that remains.

This 10-minute piece, produced for No Water-No Life explores the complexities of the Mau Forest issue in Kenya, as it relates to poverty, population growth, the role of Kenya's government and global climate change.

Director, No Water-No Life Expedition: Alison Jones
Producer/Director/Camerawoman: Alison Fast
Narrator: Alison Fast

This video is posted to the Mara Conservancy Web Site:

It is available for further distribution.

Other versions include: (TRT: 11.0) (TRT: 5.15)

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