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When I wake up I am still half asleep
I am groggy
I am dragging my feet
I am stuck in repeat
Am I really gonna be on T.V.?

In the limo on the way to the court
I am tipsy
I just read the report
Fabrication… Direct from the Board
Well, that’s expected
But they don’t know what they’re in for

I had ambition
I dreamed of being elite
I thought if I just kept quiet they wouldn’t come after me

I remember when I totaled the sum
On the sofa
I was covered in crumbs
I’m reminded of how I’d walk over bums
And just how quickly it took me to become one

I’m disgruntled with a femur to pick
Am I as noble as all the papers depict?
Would I have shut up if I’d of walked away rich?
Oh well
“Your honor, I’d like to make a statement…”

I had a vision
View from the thirtieth floor
I thought if I made them money I couldn’t be ignored

Say that I’m wrong
Say that I’m corporate scum
Say that I won
“…Stay on.”

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