The most expensive sensual movie of all times in Greece and Europe. The unique element of this movie has to do with the fact that for the first time the movie was totally shot in high analysis for reproduction in the brand new format of BLUE RAY visual and sound , in 1080p (1920 x1080 progressive) analysis and DOLBY DIGITAL 2.0 sound.


The movie as subject is considered a “sensual” movie .
NOTIFICATION: « Ιt is NOT a porn movie or a movie with an insulting or underestimating context towards the feminine sex .
On the contrary, the subject is the feminine beauty in combination with Greece’s geographical beauty, shown with aesthetic of very high quality. The shootings took place in four islands of the Aegean, Ionian and Cretan Sea plus another location , called Loutraki, which is a very popular summer destination. The shootings and total production lasted twelve months.
Theofania Kalogianni chose two very impressive male and five female models, each of whom has a unique beauty. Five Summer Angels who represent a different civilization(African, American, European, Latin, Asiatic), match an equivalently beautiful Greek island, where the shootings took place. The shootings for each girl lasted two weeks and a group of thirty people worked on it.
In these shootings our Summer Angels abandoned every sign of restraint and at the same time removed anything that covered their silky skins , revealing primarily the natural beauty of their bodies but also their personality which is shown through personal self-interviews. Furthermore, the models present the natural beauty of Greek islands unaltered through centuries, in an especially warm climate!
For the final montage of the movie, four different people worked for over two thousand hours.
The production of the movie begun at Christmas of 2008 and twelve months later it will be handed over the Greek, European, Asiatic and American market. (For the first time a Greek film product is entering the movies’ heart of the planet, the Hollywood Market, in Los Angeles and Miami.
The total cost of the production is considered at 500.000euros, a fact that automatically place the movie in the most expensive investments that have ever been made in the European continent, in its kind(sensual).

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