Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and one of the world’s leading cycling cities. It has approximately 1.700.000 inhabitants of whom about 600.000 live in the two municipalities, the City of Frederiksberg and the City of Copenhagen. Both municipalities boast a high number of cyclists with 1/3 of the inhabitants’ trips being made by bike.

A few interesting facts on Cycling in Copenhagen:

• There are a total of 350 kilometres of cycle tracks and 40 kilometres of green cycle routes in Copenhagen.

• 37 % of all commuters going to work or education in Copenhagen use a bike

• Every time the city establishes a cycle track on a street the result is 20% more cyclists and 10% fewer cars on that segment

• The average travel speed in Copenhagen is 15 km/h for cyclists and 27 km/h for cars.

• In the City of Frederiksberg every citizen between the age 10 and 84 years old cycle an average of 4,5 km every day. That is in total 125 mio. km a year, which equals going around the world 3125 times.

The Velo-City Global is hostet by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF), The City of Frederiksberg and The City of Copenhagen:

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