Genova 1960 is a short film about dysfunctional Italian family living at the heart of 1960's youth revolt.

Genova 1960 was shot in a professional TV studio using live cuts through multi-camera setup.


Calogero - Stefano Gressieux

Amalia - Norma Cohen

Giaconda - Carlotta Cutrupi


Producer - Alex Lyons

Director - Joshua Sawley

Floor manager - Daniel Kontur

Gallery PA - Peter Conradi

Vision mixer - Antanas Obolenas

VT - Irida Zhonga

Art director - Joshua Sawley

Production designer - Alex Lyons

Head of Lighting - Anni Manninen

Spark - Benjamin Marshall

Spark - Phoom

Spark - James Wreford

Camera 1 OP - Guilherme Somlo

Camera 2 OP - Thor Elisasson

Camera 3 OP - Yuka

Sound design - Tom Bates

Sound recordist - Sasha Barr

Boom 1 OP - Louise Collins

Boom 2 OP - Anastasia Valentine

Costume - Rose Fulbright, Aaron Thompson, Lucy Ponting

Makeup - Sophie Killingback, Junhyung Choi

Technical effects - Libby Blackwell, Sarah Jones

With thanks to David Knight and Carlton Boulter

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