This is the return trip.

One picture every 15 seconds. Each picture lasts 2 frames.

Music by: OK Go

EDIT: Since so many people are asking, I'll post the technical details here.

The camera is a Canon Powershot A620 running CHDK ( and a time lapse script taking 1600x1200 pictures at an interval of one every 15 seconds for a grand total of 2,753 pictures.

The pictures were edited together in Final Cut Pro with each picture lasting two frames, except for the ones where the camera was not running the whole time (rest stops, one battery change and the "nap").

The song is "1000 Miles per Hour" by OK Go off of their self-titled record. The music has not been edited in any way, it came straight off of the CD.

The video file was exported as an 720x480 H.264 video with a data rate set around 4300 kbits/s; total size is ~110MB.

Hopefully I haven't left anything out. Feel free to ask any more questions and thanks for watching!


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