With the gloves, the user can strum tap or stroke on every surface. The gloves contains multi-touch sensitive zones, which detect pressure levels and multiple touches simultaneously. Every zone has its own predefined sound, this makes it possible to create and combine various sounds.

The gloves has their own power source, a microphone for receiving sounds and vocals and a component for processing/sending the data. This component can be removed for servicing. The gloves should be washproof and an available in different sizes. The gloves has three positions: OFF, Sounds and Vocals.

With software, you can preset a sound-set for the gloves. The sound-set determines what sound will be assigned to the which zone. The smart device will have a library of standard or customized sound-sets. The chosen sound-set will be selected by an interface on the smart device and connected with the gloves by an wireless connection.

The gloves can be used alone or simultaneously with multiple people. For example, in conjunction with a smart backpack designed to amplify and record your music. The backpack wireless receives the data and process it. The data can be downloaded and edited on a PC. On the backpack there are knobs, by rotating one of them the gloves are visually linked to this knob and the predefined sound-set is loaded. In the backpack there is also a set of pedals, which can be used to generate different loops and to quickly switch between different sound-sets. The backpack stores and charge the gloves.

Sound-gloves is created during as a school project by: Kristo De Pooter, Arnoud den Besten, Sam Vesters, Thomas Leterme at the Artesis University college of Antwerp, Belgium May 2010.

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