This is a piece I recently completed for Hatch Animation in Nova Scotia, with Mike Hachey and Julian Marentette as producers.

I designed the concept based on a script provided by Hatch.

Storyboard design, illustration, animation done by Goodspeed Productions. 3D text animation by Stephen Blacker at Hatch.

I'm very happy with the way this spot turned out, as the client was initially hesitant based on the dark visual style.

Thankfully, with a little creative nudging from myself and the producers, the spot ended up looking almost exactly how I conceived it.

The client wanted high tech, but as I laughed about later when I realized it, whenever I hear 'high-tech' my mind immediately goes to 'retro-high-tech', and that's what I designed. While I'm sure that's not what they originally wanted, this project had absolutely the fewest revisions of anything I've worked on.

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