(Introd. Voice off) (18”) YFSE has denounced in the last seven years through hundreds of briefs that international scientific experts, the UN, OXFAM and other specialized organization, anticipate a Central American region without forests for the year 2015….

(Director 1) Kathryn Arbenz (30”) Just in the Central American area alone, approximately 44 hectares of forest are felled per hour, without any thought for reforestation or some plan that makes the activity sustainable… If we allow this forecast to become true, the future of Central America will be a desolate one…..The responsibility of achieving a solution is now ours, sine a serious and effective position should have been taken a long time ago, in the face of the magnitude of the crisis in which we find ourselves.

(Director 4) Jeremy Ayales (40”) The Central American people live in a region in a desertification process… This process initiated with the indiscriminate felling of forests forty years ago and now we find ourselves before an ecological catastrophe….Of the thirty urban civilizations that preceded us, non has been so brutal and cruel as ours, felling forests and annihilating life in its path….That is why it is convenient that we remember the French politician, diplomat and writer François-René de Chateaubriand when he said….“Forests precede civilizations, deserts….follow them”. (Special screen with quote and picture).

(Director 5) Kathryn Arbenz (25”) One could think that there is a lack of interest or indifference before the environmental problems which the world population is going through and that nothing will be done to solve them. However, the social reality is another….Recently, in a sampling carried out in twelve countries, it was noted that 65% of the world population demands from its governments a commitment with the climate agreement and recycling in all its extensions..

(Director 3) Gregory Braibant (40”) The study, denominated Environmental Confidence Index, shows that 79% of those surveyed cry out for a commitment to fulfill or considerably exceed a reduction of 50% to 80% in emissions, for the year 2050…The highest demands of commitment with the reduction goals for these emissions are in Mexico with 91%, Costa Rica and Brazil, 90%, Hong Kong, 84% and China with 82%...The lowest are found in India with 75%, the United Kingdom, 71% and the United States with 66%.

(Director 3) Gregory Braibant (40”) WE CAN BE HEROES is a call for hope….which invites us to take action….it is addressed to children, youth, the senior population, both men as well as women….it is a strategy for all those with access to technologies, to the political class, to businessmen…all those who have influence across all the social classes and on the different social actors….who are aware….who love and wish to save the life of all species….when they learn about the importance of protecting the existing forests….WE CAN BE HEROES is oriented to all those who …wish to be ….and can be heroes.

(Jeremy) 20” YFSE launches WE CAN BE HEROES in the Web as a model of Human Development for the world….Promoting CENTRAL AMERICA and its biodiversity….Since, because it endures an irrational felling of its forests, this region…is on the threshold of a catastrophe…WE CAN BE HEROES DOT COM invites you take action in the fight against Desertification….with the Central American people planting…..more than one thousand million trees towards the year 2015.

(voice off) This is a real, logical and sustainable goal, so that the Central American population can take steps and begins to plant the first trees during the winter (NOTA DE LA TRADUCTORA: rainy season??) of 2011.

(Director 9) Madame President, Licda. Laura Chinchilla (1.15”) We must be aware that all the forests of the Central American region are in extreme danger. By saving our forests we can save the biodiversity, the water tables and we can fight the climate change… It is a priority duty to defend life in all its manifestations, generated from these forests. Because only this way will we prevent the dark forecasts of the experts, of a possible war due to lack of water in Central America…This sad prediction would only be another negative result of this savage felling…Nevertheless, if we protect them, we will avoid this confrontation and all those of us who live in the Central American Isthmus, we will save, this way, life….We can reforest! That way we will guarantee the existence of the primary elements that sustain life on Earth! We can be heroes because it is only by saving the forests that we can preserve peace and life in the planet!...In this worldwide Year of Biodiversity, and in these four years of my administration, I invite you to reforest, respect and preserve the forests. This way, all together, we can be heroes!

(Beginning of text on the screen: “Visit us at podemoserheroes.com and JOIN…for Life in Central America, “WE CAN BE HEROES” now)

(Voice off) JOIN now! podemoserheroes.com

Each one of you can join, at this precise instant, the fight against Desertification in Central Amercia….
Through reforestation we will save biodiversity… We can be heroes!
(WE CAN BE HEROES)PODEMOS SER HÉROES® is a program of Human Development of YFSE® for THE WORLD

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