INTOI is a hardware-software setup that serves as a digital hybrid of a whiteboard and a multimeda installation. Pen based multi user interaction on a rear projection surface is quite similar to working on an analogous whiteboard. Intoi allows its users to easily write, draw and, additionally, load images, PowerPoint presentations, PDF's and videos. An easy-to-use menu system and a simple remote control enable the user to easily change properties and switch between slides. Navigation on the page of infinite size is performed by simple hand gestures.
Intoi combines the benefits of ordinary flipcharts and whiteboards with the potential of today's computer systems. Furthermore Intoi introduces a unique user interface which is easy to understand even for people without any computer experience.

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(c) 2007 The INTOI Team - Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg - -

Video produced, filmed and edited by Dion Schmidt, music composed by Uli Nollert. Thank's a lot!

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