We're not doing relief. We do development and in doing so, we will often follow where major relief has been from organizations like Doctors without Borders or Projects Abroad and help to develop and redevelop minds and medical schools.

Even right now we are being asked to send some of our curriculum and trained people into Haiti. Now that the earthquake's over the medical schools need to be rebuilt both physically and intellectually and it needs Haitian practitioners to carry out surgical care. That is one example of how we help.

* The lifetime risk of an African dying of injury is 13.3%

* 1 in 13 African women will die a maternal death.

* Traffic is the lead cause of injury death in urban Africa

* Burns are the lead cause of injury death in African children under 5

It's unlucky to be an African because whether you are dying a trauma death or you are dying an obstetrical death, you're bleeding to death...and when you're bleeding, you need a surgeon, not one from another country that's leaving next week, but one from your home town.

This is how we help.

We help stop unlucky 13.

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