Demo Reel Descriptions
Audri Phillips

1.Piece of a Personal Animation, “Buildings At Sea”
Everything done by me including particle animation. Software: Maya, Flash, After Effects
2. Butterfly and cocoon in “Bullet Proof Monk”- textures and shader creation for the butterfly and the cocoon. Freelanced from my home and this is a test I rendered on my computer. Software: Maya
3. Fly through of Paramount Lot. I did the lighting and shader network/textures for most of it. ( All of it until you are through the front gate) Software: Maya
4. Spot for the Sci Fi Channel, color and lighting, particles, texturing
Software: Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop, BodyPaint
5. Opening- Spider Man Movie- I did the textures on many of the buildings. Sony Imageworks, Software: Photoshop and Alias Studio Paint
6. “Category 7” movie of the week for CBS- I did the color and lighting of the Eiffle Tower, (shaders, textures and lighting in Maya using Mental ray, Body Paint)
7. “Invasion” Created camera moves, on team for look development, textures, particle work. Software: Maya, Mental Ray, PhotoShop
8. Piece from “Shadrach” Beastie Boys video- paintings, art direction and design Done with Acrylic paint on thick print paper
9. Piece from a ride film based on the Yellow Submarine film. I was the art director/designer of the ride film. I did a lot of hands on work. In this shot I did some modeling plus all of the textures, shaders, and lighting. Software: Lightwave, Photoshop
10. Ten second spot for the Sci Fi channel, Color and lighting, texturing Software: Maya, Photoshop, BodyPaint
11. Commercial done at Digital Domain- textured the hummingbird, Software: Photoshop and Alias Studio Paint
12. Commercial done at Digital Domain- textured the CG child, clothing and body, face.
13. Dr.Pepper Commercial done at Digital Domain - Color and lighting and textures on the boat Software: Lightwave
14. Garfield 2- I did the scene lighting using R&H software. This included a significant amount of light changes from the sequence lighting and compositing of all of the layers that made up Garfield.
15. Piece of a personal animation designed for large wall projection, “I Never Met a Pom Pom I didn't Like” Everything done by me using Maya and After Effects

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