Here is a music video I directed for Tenielle called Better Than Leaving.

This is my first shoot with the RED. Also shot with the 7D. Filmed at 3K, 50fps with a set of RED primes. Nikon glass on the 7D (35mm, 50mm, 85mm all 1.4's). Post workflow was MacPro, Adobe Premiere editing with the raw R3D's. Project imported into After Effects for VFX. Tracking with Syntheyes and Mocha.

The butterflies are made up from one shot in the Hunter Valley. I found about two seconds where a butterfly came into a shot. Pulled a luma key and tracked the butterfly. This gave me a sprite about 100x100 which became the particle in Particular.

Hope you like it.
Glenn Wilson

Cast & Crew:
Artist: Tenielle Neda
Director/Editor/VFX: Glenn Wilson
Production Company:
Camera operator: Shayne Cantly
Assistant: Evan Russell
Hair & makeup: Emma Michelmore
Band: James Gillard, Dan Conway, Dominik Borzestowski
Original Recording Produced by Matt Fell at Love Hz Studios
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