In today’s economy most companies have been forced to make critical changes. The problem is - research suggests that 74% of all change initiatives fail; costing those companies time, money and sometimes their existence.

How do you know if your critical change initiatives are going to succeed or fail?

If you knew today, what would it mean to your company? In times when unnecessary risks and painful mistakes must be avoided, the difference between success and failure means everything.

By the end of this webinar you will know if the approach your company is pursuing to implement change will succeed or fail.

We know what makes the difference. Through 20 years of experience and research, we have identified the five key principles for achieving successful change. By applying these principles you can know whether or not your current initiatives will work. You can save your company valuable time, precious money, and undue frustration by achieving critical success in 100 days.

The presenter of this webinar will be Juan Riboldi our founder, lead advisor and author of the book Path of Ascent. In this webinar you will learn to apply a proven process to current challenges and have the opportunity to discuss them with the “change guru” and other executives.

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to receive additional support in taking the next steps in Achieving Critical Success in 100 days.

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