A music simulation created in Touch Designer

Contains flashing images.


A demonstration of the simulation created as part of my uni project. The simulation is controlled by an Xbox Controller but is also interacted via webcam.

It’s quite hard to see what I am pressing on the video but the controls are mapped as follows:

A – Birth of particles 30-300
B – Seed of particles
X – Particle colour activated by Y and scrolls through the spectrum
Y – Activates particle colour – white as standard

Dpad Left – Particle size – a cycle of 4 different sizes
Dpad Right – Particle pulse – changes how much the particle pulses when audio is playing.
Dpad Up – Inactive
Dpad Down – Triple tap to rest the system

Left Analogue Stick – Controls the rotation of the camera around the system. Infinite horizontal rotation but locked to 90 degrees either way in the vertical.

Right Analogue Stick – Controls the centre of the radial blur which is activated by the left shoulder button.

Left Trigger – Zooms in on the particles
Right Trigger – Zooms on the Radial blur when active

Left Shoulder – Activates radial blur – Cycle of 4 stages
Right Shoulder – Activates particle stroke – Cycle of 4 stages.

Other functions of the project include a continuously changing background that is controlled by a timing chop allowing it to cycle through the colour spectrum. This is then composited with a webcam input. This allows the background to look more organic. This composition is then connected to a Phong which is then applied to a sphere which surrounds the particle system creating a bubble around the whole project.

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