'Accuracy and response time for cervical laterality appreciation.'

In plain English: What is the accuracy and response time for someone to judge whether a pictured model has their head turned to the left or the right?

To determine accuracy and response time in a normal healthy population, for making left/right neck rotation judgements.

There are a set of complex brain processes that are involved when a person is judging whether a picture of someone else's hand is a left or a right hand. The same applies when judging whether a pictured foot belongs to the left or the right, or if a person has their trunk rotated to the left or right.

There is a growing body of literature that links pain to a reduced ability to make left/right judgements of body parts. It is believed that a distorted representation of the body within the brain is responsible for this pain. So far, this relationship has been observed in people with arm pain, leg pain or back pain. To date, no one has investigated left/right judgements of neck rotation. This study aims to address this.

Left/right judgement have recently been introduced into a treatment program to help reduce pain in people suffering specific pain conditions. It is suggested that this method works by a process of reorganising the distorted image of the body within the brain.

There are two aims of this study:

1. to establish baseline data for left/right judgements of neck rotation,
2. to identify relationships between accuracy and response time of left

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