Information overload for this week ending the 30/05/10: A fracking robot moon base by 2020!, opensource robotics and cybernetics flying ahead, incredibly fast computing on the horizon with the world's smallest transistor, flexible screens coming to a cereal box near you, the web rewiring our brains for better or worse, and will we reach the Singularity before the Earth's petri dish runs out of resources? Dun, dun, duuunnn!

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Stories covered this week:
Japan Plans $2billion Robot Moon Base by 2020, Willow Garage Pushing Open Source Robotics Revolution, Autonomous Quadrocopter Flies Through Windows (With Video), Australian Team Builds World's Smallest 7 Atom Transistor, BioFuel Cell Uses Glucose in the Body to Produce Electricity for Cyborgs, Sony Develops Flexible & Rollable OLED Display (Video), Wired: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Our Brains,, Reflections: The Death of Gallium

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