This is a version (sort of), of an older thing I made called "Space Debris". These may be some alternative models than the original. I was basically going through some old files, opened a variation up, and decided that I would try and see if I could get it to look good with the QC Shadow option on the Lighting patch in Snow Leopard.

I encountered several issues. Shadows don't play well with GLSL vertex deformers, and they also don't play well with Kineme3D deformers... so this version has no warping or the objects. Also, the shadow engine for QC is generally crap and works incorrectly, so it required a great deal of massaging to get any kind of useful look from it.

This was rendered with Quartz Crystal, and benefitted from 4x antialiasing and 16x motion blur.

I used toneburst's Glossy Wet and Thin Film GLSL code examples on two objects that I modeled with Groboto.

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