Come join us at the DMY Maker Lab!
9-13 June 2010
DMY Festival
Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

The DMY Maker Lab will be a celebration of Open Design through practice, presentations, and collaborative action, created by instigators and participants alike.

The DMY Maker Lab is an emergent event, enabled by Jay Cousins, Gabriel Shalom, Michelle Thorne, Pedro Pineda, and Luis Berríos-Negrón. Initiated by numerous members of the Berlin Open Design community and sponsored by DMY, Etsy and Becks, and ultimately created in collaboration with you!

At the Maker Lab, we'll be hosting various stations for participants to learn, play and build upon the design of others. With an array of processes, technologies and tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, bio plastics, Arduino, analog motion graphics, weaving, knitting, and other do-it-yourself technologies, participants will learn and create together.

At the center of the event is a Mindscape, a discussion cluster featuring workshops, sessions, and conversations about open design. Most of all, we welcome you to stop by and share your thoughts, even plan a session spontaneously using our open space format. Topics could include new collaboration methods, the future of open design, business models, as well as sharing skills on specific design processes.

In addition we will be encouraging everyone who participates to engage in the documentation process, either by helping to build and transform an evolving monument, or by contributing digitally as an immediator; posting photos to our flickr group ( ) and/or sending tweets using the #dmymakerlab tag.

From this point of inspiration along with instructions, demonstrations and workshops, we invite you to engage with the space, tools, processes and people. To create together, participating in our numerous activities, or even instigating your own.

We would be thrilled if you would like stop by, lead a discussion, or share a skill, run a workshop, or begin a collaborative project at the Maker Lab. Please contact Pedro pedro_pb (at) live (dot) com or Michelle michelle (at) creativecommons (dot) org to schedule a time and topic or to attend one of the specific workshops.

Visit or for more info on specific workshops, resources and events.


"Illusion" by Maersk
from the monome community remix project


Annika Bauer, Patrizia Kommerell, Gabriel Shalom

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