Things we've learnt from this project...

1 - For a 4hr drive, shots should be every 5sec. non-stop for the whole way to give a much smoother/less choppy feel.
2 - Find a better method of smooth talking the security so we are not forced to take the camera down every-time we approach the borders..[or maybe trying to get a license from the proper authorities]
3 - Since no money was spent on getting a solid car-grip for the camera, better duct-taping methods need to be used stabilizing the camera on the dashboard or wherever it's placed.
4 - Video footage need to be added to give a more dynamic realism to the journey. Also, for the 2nd trial, we will probably place the camera in the back to add the passengers in the frame for a more personal connection with the journey.
5 - A polarizer and/or ND grad filter needs to be used to avoid reflections, and also since that day was extremely bright..avoid blown-out skies.

We're hoping to try this out again in a couple of weeks. The gear used was a Canon 7D with a 10-22mm lens attached to a TC 80N3 Camera remote control. Most of the time the settings were set to F/13 and a shutter speed of 1/1600 for a total of around 1,300 shots. We drove in a Toyota Rav4 and mounted the camera on the dashboard.

Music : My Love is Always There by Saffron Hill Feat. Ben Onono

If anyone out there has experience in time-lapsing journey's, we're open to any feedback you can give.

Thanks Everyone,

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