My first entry for a Vimeo weekend project ( 5x5 ).

All scenes taken with the same lens, a 50 years old Soligor 400 mm, f:6.3 on my GH1, expressing the view on objects from different distances.

Hope, everybody enjoys.

Special thanks to my friend Tommy, who wrote the music spontaneously last night for this project.

Additional notes on the "making of", for those who are interested:

The first shot was actually the most difficult, I ever tried. This japanese bird, which is called "mejiro" ( white eyes ), is truly a mission impossible, because it is small, always quickly and randomly moving, never staying at the same place not even for a moment and it is shy, has excellent eyes and hates cameras. Catching it on film with a manual telephoto lens such big in frame is like trying to shoot a flying mosquito with a sniper rifle ;-)))

The shot with the plane shows Mt. Fuji, taken from a street in Tokyo ( about 250 km far from the mountain ). The clouds on the top are illuminated by the sun, which went down exactly on the center of the mountain top that day one minute before ( diamond Mt. Fuji sunset ).

For the moon shot, I used a 2x plus 3x tele extender on my Soligor. This brings a spectacular focal length of 4800 mm (!) on the GH1. A little bit disturbing, that the atmosphere is not that clear above such a big city like Tokyo in summer. Have to give it a try in winter and probably from another place again.

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