This is the small-size version of Sir Charles Tupper's annual Arts and Culture Week featuring student performances in Coffeehouse, Dance, Theatre, Jazz Band, and Concert Band.

These performances will be aired on Shaw TV cable 4 on Access TV starting on Sunday June 13th, 2010. [schedule TBA] if all post-production goes well.

This video will be public for 30 days until July 10th 2010 and then will be made into a limited, non-public view link, available as an archive, for copy right reasons.


It is NOT legal to distribute, reproduce, embed, or make a DVD copy of this video due to strict copyright regulations. After July 10th this video cannot be broadcast on any media due to copyright restrictions and will be archived accordingly. Any copies of the video found separate from this source will result in notification of the host site as a request for removal.

All identifiable students in this video have had parents sign media release forms as per VSB and Shaw Cable regulations.

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