Feed a video through a Particle Mesh grid macro, then pass those values through to a Volume / Mesh creator patch and render to a Mesh patch.

The results are pretty amazing, and not entirely wild and woolly, although that is definitely part of the picture.

The video feed is actually the audio morph movie I posted up to Vimeo some time ago.

This replaces the initial draft of this construct, and is a better quality render all around.

This looks far better when I run this 'live' in Quartz Composer.

I'm looking forward to posting up some more of my experiments with OpenCL and video rendering to my site cybero.co.uk in the near future.

One thing's for sure , due to the heavy reliance of this construct upon a video feed of some sort, it is doubly difficult to capture and being dependent upon GPU activity [OpenCL], I wonder if that doesn't hit more upon the video being captured rendering faithfully.

Can't beat the real deal.

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