Artist's Statement:

“I love Art. I love Sculpture.I love the discipline and versatility of Sculpture- to change stone to meaningful mass, clay to eloquent form and steel to defiant space. Subverting material into substance, nothing into something, stasis to movement, opposition to balance, conflict to harmony.To be Free- to imagine, to feel, to express; to add, subtract, divide or multiply- to react, to see, to construct or deconstruct, to experiment.To demand change is the inherent challenge and essence of sculpture.Sculpture marks and raises the prosaic to the profound.To receive, recognise, realise - resolve. To hold, suspend - elevate.To question and to defy.Art extends time- it creates a moment where the Past, Present and Future co-exist.Art challenges conceptions, creates choices, alternatives – options”.

ONE by ONE- Israel Series
Producer/Director- Dan Ratsaby
Cinematographer- Amir Terkel
Editor- Dan Ratsaby

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